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We do not only believe that you as our client needs the highest professional service; more over, we are positive that you as our client can expect a personal and practical advice focused on your needs when faced with complex cross-border VAT issues. We will be happy to advise you in the entire supply chain to ensure that what you have contractually agreed to is operated in a legally correct manner. In addition, together with our legal partner, we can support you in any kind of litigation. Together with our world-class team of international and experienced VAT experts, we offer you a single-point-of contact service.

 Global VAT advice for one engagement letter


Do you feel challenged with global VAT filing obligations? We enjoy finding your tailored solutions as being your "single point of contact." We take care of your global indirect tax challenges. In addition to periodical VAT returns and annual VAT reconciliations, we can also take care of the correspondence with the local tax authorities by using our international network. 



One of our favorite services are trainings focused on the needs of the client and the people. It is up to you if you require indirect tax basics or in-depth information on complex international rules impacting global businesses. 

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